Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A special visitor in the UGA

     One of our own 6th grade students, LaQuez W., recently meet Talladega City Board of Education member, Juanita McClellan.  He invited her to come to our school and have lunch with him. Guess what?  She excepted his invitation and visited R.L.Young today. 
     Mrs. McClellan visited the UGA classrooms and explained the responsibilities and goals of the board members and superintendent.  She explained to them that one of her main goals was to make sure that they were getting the best education possible.  She also told them to stay focused and positive.  She told them not dwell on negativity or the past because they were the faces of the future.
     The students enjoyed hearing her comments.   She explained to them that each and every one of them had a special gift that no one could take from them. "LIFE is the real teacher.  You will have great things you encounter and disappointments. You must be willing to change . You need to have the right attitude and love yourself and others.  Every single person has some GREATNESS inside of them. Let everyone know your greatness. You were born for a purpose.  You have a special gift, and no one can do it exactly like you."
     Mrs. McClellan ended by asking the students to help her spread the word about Talladega and all of its possibilities.  After talking with the students, Mrs. McClellan enjoyed a nice lunch and conversation with LaQuez.  THANK YOU, LAQUEZ & MRS. MCCLELLAN.

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